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React.js/MapboxGL JS/D3.js proof of concept application focused on Rogue River watershed conservation efforts. This application is the focus of my current work with The Freshwater Trust.


Popular U.S. Names of the Last Century (1910-2016)

This D3.js based map shows occurrences by state over time for a particular name. User interfaces allow for name lookup and a slider shows how the name evolves over time. Based on the top 1000 names for each year.


Top Boy/Girl names of the Last Century (1910-2016)

This D3.js based map shows a different perspective on the names data. The map shows top Boy/Girl name occurrences for each year by state. A Python script processed the raw data from the Social Security Administration.


U.S. Federal Lands (GeoDev Web Stack)

This project involved building a full web stack from database to front end. Static geojson, PostGRES, and PostGIS queries are compared to deliver large geospatial datasets.


U.S. 2017 Weekly Drought Conditions

This D3.js based map shows drought conditions in the U.S. by week during 2017. The speed of D3.js can seen by cycling through the geospatial data for each week.