Starbucks Location Density: 1991-2017

This Leaflet map uses hexbinning to convey Starbucks location density. Hexbins are redrawn to make them appropriate to zoom level.


Colorado Oil and Gas Maps

These Leaflet maps show the progression and density of Oil and Gas wells in Colorado.

Map 1 Map 2

Power Plants of the United States

Proportional symbol map comparing three major types of power plant in the United States.


U.S. Billboard #1 Hit Singles 1970-1979

Choropleth map showing the U.S. Billboard #1 hit singles by artist origin city between 1970-1979. Python script was written to scrape web sources and create local datasets.


Iowa Is Blacked Out

This Leaflet based map shows Major League Baseballs blackout areas. Various scripting and web scraping techniques were used collect and create data for this map.